Finding the Time for Prayer

by admin

In my previous post, I talked about how I was inspired by the monastic pattern of daily life to pursue a new pattern of prayer and devotional time in my own life.  I managed to find the space in between my work, my care for my family, and my ministry to spend over 2 hours a day in prayer, devotions, and meditation on God’s Word.  Here’s how.

I was always overwhelmed by other “more spiritual” people than I who pray for an hour, two hours a day.  I didn’t know how they did it.  Watch for my next post on how I found the time.  Then I took a spreadsheet, broke my day down into 15 minute segments, and began to slot in what I wanted to do, in terms of devotions.  It quickly became clear that I had so much time in the day… so much wasted time every day.  I was just squandering my time on things like meaningless TV watching, aimless internet surfing, or useless Facebook games.  My kids, not realizing what they have, come to me and tell me they are bored – I find myself not admitting I am bored – instead just tuning out the world and engaging in completely wasteful activities, that too often actually led me into temptation of more sins.  What does that old saying mean, “Idle hands are the Devil’s playthings”?  I think I figured it out.

When I actually began to create real structure in my day I found I had so much more time than I had thought.  I encourage anyone to sit down for a minute and take an inventory of how you spend your average day.  Or as you go one day, keep a sheet of paper and write down roughly how much time you spend on everything you do.  Try to account for every minute, or at least every 15 minutes.  You will be astounded how much time you have.

The secret to having more hours in the day is knowing where your time goes and being able to stick to a schedule.  Good luck: I used to think it was impossible too but I know it’s possible now.

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